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Company History

After he successfully established FotoWire in North America, Patrick Serex, founder, president and CEO of eXaPhoto, sought technical experts to help bring to market the next generation of online photo services.

In 2003, Mr. Serex met with TrueDisk, a Pacific Northwest software firm that had developed technology to securely share files between distant computers based on peer-to-peer technology, and had launched a product to efficiently share photos online. While initial market acceptance of TrueDisk's product and technology was strong, the company was unable to raise venture capital to continue activities and ceased operations in July 2003.

A New Concept in Photo Sharing

Mr. Serex and the technical team remained in contact and decided to work together to design a brand new technology platform based on the latest available tools and optimized to focus on digital photo sharing services. The result of that collaboration is eXaPhoto.

Online photo sharing has always been the primary sharing medium for users of digital cameras, but the first generation of online albums had major difficulties in building positive business models. The operational cost of a centralized photo album infrastructure is manageable when the service is small to mid size, but when the service grows and matures, the number of hard disks, the bandwidth needs, and the amount and quality of maintenance required by the service generate operating costs that exceed revenues.

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