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eXaPhoto proudly introduces the latest version of eXaPhoto with B-Viewer!

eXaPhoto's innovative technology makes creating and sharing online albums a snap.
  • Publish online albums directly to the computer desktop of friends and family with
  • Upload all your photos at incredible speeds--at least 30 times faster!
  • Enjoy the benefits of our richly featured online photo publishing and sharing system.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS X users.
  • New Mobile Publisher for iPhone & iPad!

eXaPhoto is a free, full-featured online photo publishing and sharing system.  Unique to eXaPhoto is B‑Viewer, which displays received albums directly on one's PC desktop as dynamic wallpaper or a screen saver.  The recipient has full control over the photos displayed, using a publish-subscribe model.

With eXaPhoto, users can share all their photos because eXaPhoto dynamically scales and uploads images in the background.  Simply drag & drop an entire directory onto the Publisher and eXaPhoto automatically creates albums and uploads them for you!

Share, blog, post, or link your albums.  Order prints.  Even add photos to your online albums from your mobile phone or email.  It is that simple.  A built in publishing and sharing wizard makes getting started a snap.

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